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4-10-2012 With the passage of 2011 Wisconsin Act 10... the State of Wisconsin took a sweeping right turn from a half century of developments in the rights of its public employees to unionize, collectively bargain and collect union dues.”

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3-30-2012 Wisconsin’s public employees and our unions won an important legal victory invalidating significant parts of Act 10, Gov. Walkers’ anti-collective bargaining law. Judge William Conley of the federal Western district court found two key provisions of Walker’s anti-union bill to be unconstitutional and enjoined the state from implementing and enforcing them

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12-8-2011 Union recertification voting required under new state law concluded Thursday with a vast majority of participating education unions deciding to retain their official status, according to preliminary results.

When Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican-controlled Legislature passed a law this year sharply restricting collective bargaining for public employees, they included a tough measure requiring teachers and other unions to undergo annual voting to recertify. (read more)

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