The Union Steward

Shop Stewards are the people who members rely on for guidance in
interpreting and implementing the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). They are the first line of defense when the CBA is violated and grievances arise. Additional responsibilities include work-place safety, mobilizing members for contract and organizing campaigns as well as orienting new members to the work-place and the union. The Shop Steward is integral to building of an educated, united, and involved membership at your work-place.

Because the nature of advocacy may sometimes put the Shop Steward at odds with management they are afforded special authority that is protected by law and the union contract. This authority allows the Shop Steward to deal with management as an equal. Indeed, it is a violation of federal law for the employer to discriminate or retaliate against the Shop Steward for fulfilling his or her duties.

To find a shop steward look in the sub-menu "who we represent" in the "about us" menu.