The Union Organizer

The ultimate goal of a unionized workforce is to build power by winning binding agreements with employers that make real improvements in living and working conditions. It is the task of the Union Organizer to constantly educate the membership on what it takes to win these agreements, what the union is all about and what it means to be a union member.

Union building means developing leaders

Improvements in working conditions are the product of co-workers standing together. It is the Union Organizer that brings workers together by educating them about their rights and inspiring them to get involved so that they have a greater say on the job. The Union Organizer inspires co-workers to get involved by helping them experience their union as their union.

Your Union Organizers/Co-Workers at NM:

Charlie Campbell (Lead) Cell: 262-305-0089
Christine McDonald Cell: 262-909-7408
Sandy Stewart 1E310 - 414-661-4667
Misti Trzebiatowski 2E360 - 414-661-3668

If you would like to join the union fill out the attached check off card and send it to one your Union Organizers/Co-workers at NM